Cute Dog


Pet Feeding

Perfect for those pets who want to stay at home while you are away. 
Includes feeding, topping up water bowls and play time.

Prices from $25

Home Visit

Home visits include feeding, topping up water bowls, a walk and play time.

Prices from $35

Adventure Walks

Coming soon

House Sitting

Sitting your pets in your home while you are away. 

Prices from $60 per night

Dog Walking - Private & Group

Walking your dog when you can't. Private session are either 30 minutes or 45 minutes long.

Group walks are around 45 minutes with 2 or more dogs.

Prices from $25

Puppy Check

Sometimes you can't be home all the time as much as we want to be. Puppy checks include toileting, water check and play time.

Prices from $25

Welfare Checks & Medication Administration

A quick visit to check on your animal and given them medication if required. Water bowl will be topped up.

Prices from $15