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Home Visits

Our Home Visit Services are perfect for low-maintenance pets who are comfortable staying at home while you are away but still need a little love and attention. 

This is a great option for cats, or dogs, who may not adjust well to being in a pet accommodation facility while you travel.

Our 30-minute Home Visit Service includes:


Feeding your pet from your own supply of food


Checking and cleaning litter trays (if required)


Administering medication (if required)


Letting pets inside or outside (if required)


Rinsing and topping up water bowls


Pats and playtime


Detailed service report from each visit with photos

Our 45-minute Home Visit Service includes all of the above, plus a short walk around your local area.

Services can be booked at specific times of the day to match your usual feeding routine.  Multiple Home Visit Services can be booked per day if your pet is used to multiple mealtimes or requires a little extra attention.

All new services booked include a complimentary meet-and-greet where we can get to know your pet(s) and get acquainted with your home and routine.

Contact us for more information or register with our online platform Pet Sitter Plus to schedule a Service Request. 

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