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Farm Style Doggy Daycare (Coming soon)  

To help make your dog’s visit the best it can be we ask all our guests to fill out our detailed profile form. This is the first part of our Assessment process. This screening process is to ensure we create a safe and stress free environment for all dogs at the Farm. This is our number one priority.

Farm style day care are not suitable for every dog and we are unlike any other day care. We run a pack of 20-40 dogs playing exciting but also intense activities. For this reason we are strict on assessment.

We do not allow: nipping, growling, snapping, mounting, pinning, biting, mouthing with pressure, nose punching, hunting or any rough play that may escalate into something more. We also don’t allow jockeying or harassing that interrupts another dog’s play.

If your dog exhibits these behaviours then they’re not suitable for the farm. Your dog will be shadowed closely by a trainer on their assessment day and if they show these behaviours they will be failed in their assessment. They may be isolated for the remainder of the day and no refund shall be given. We strongly urge you to consider how your dog behaves in groups before enrolling for The Farm. 

If you want to enrol for a position, please fill out the following enrolment form as accurately as you can. 

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