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May 2023 Newsletter

Welcome to the May Update!

Phew! What a month April was!!! Easter kept us all busy, and we have a bunch of lovely photos to share with you all! Over the long weekend we sent 45 service reports and over 200 photos! Let's not talk about how many eggs were eaten... Autumn arrived with a thud this month, we've been squeezing walks in around the showers and trying to make the most of the glorious sunshine when it peeks out! We have a lot coming up in May, so hopefully we'll get to see your lovely fur babies soon! Rachel and the ACPM Team :)

Business news

Hello. It's Rachel. I just wanted to let you all know of the price rise happening on the 1st of June. All services will go up $5 (excluding adventure walks) As a business owner, I have absorbed the price increase as much as I can, but the cost of living is hitting small businesses across the board. Let me just tell you what goes into our prices: Employee wages, employee super & tax, Pet Sitter Plus platform (where you get your service reports from), business insurance, Workcover insurance for employees and maintaining our website predominantly. Thanks for your understanding.

Spring time photos!

I am working with a local photographer in the hopes to be able to bring some mini sessions for my clients.

I just have this obsession with having nice photos of your furbabies, that you can look back on and treasure furever <3

May Birthdays 1st - Bear 3rd - Brax 5th - Manni 6th - Stanley & Nixon 8th - Sadie 15th - Buddy 17th - Indie 18th - Pepper 20th - Sadie 21st - Kevin 22nd - Bobby 23rd - Barney 28th - Diesel 29th - Max 30th - Wesley 31st - Banjo Update your pets' profile so we can give them a birthday shout out!

New Fur Friends

A big ACPM welcome to all of our new fur friends this month Daisy Brax Maggie & Pepper Panda & Xena

Upcoming Events

SOCIAL DAY OUT - Swimming and Agility Date: Friday 26th May - 10am to 3pm Duration: 5hrs (approx) // Price: $80 (pre-paid to reserve your spot) Only 14 spots are available in total. If we fill up, we can pop you on a waitlist :) Interested in a Social Day Out for your dog(s)? Package includes exclusive access to doggy swimming pool & agility yard, door to door service and lunch. No recall required, just need to like other dogs and have C5 Vaccination. Express your interest below, ADVENTURE WALKS Dates for May are the 12th for small dogs and 19th for large dogs. Secure your spot today by filling in this form below: This month we will be doing some trail walks around the surf coast.

Out and About in May

Service Report of the Month

Ursh & Hank I took Hank out on a walk right after I unpacked the car. I reckon he was expecting to jump in the car and go out on an adventure and that's why he was standing at the front door and backyard gate when I arrived because that what we did last time I saw him. Tomorrow Hank, we shall adventure tomorrow! On our walk Hank got the scare of his life when we got a couple of doors down. At first I saw him recoil and jump back slightly and I was like uh oh, let's prepare for the worst here but a couple of steps later and to my great shock it was just... the resident sweeping the driveway. He frightened her as well and we all had a giggle about it and I've been chuckling ever since. We continued down to the creek and did the loop back up to Warralily Blvd. When we got back, I sat down on the outdoor couch to reacquaint myself with our friend Jack and Hank climbed up right next to me. He is such a Velcro dog, just sticks to you wherever you are. Hope you're having a great weekend away and I look forward to updating you post adventure tomorrow!

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