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Frequently Asked Questions

How many dogs can you walk at once?

I am happy to walk 2 dogs from the same family at once.

My pet needs to go to the vet. Will you take them?

Of course I will. Sometimes pets get sick at the worst of times for us. I will always contact you if there is any issues with your pet and make the best decision possible.

What do I bring for overnight stays?

Sometimes doggos can feel anxious away from their environment and people. I try to keep their routine as normal as possible to reduce anxiety.
Ideally you should bring food, lead and bedding. If you think your dog(s) may be anxious, a toy that smells like home is always nice to have.
If your dog as a specific diet, I also ask to bring treats along too.

What is a Meet and Greet?

A meet and greet is when I meet your doggo(s) or pets. This is either done in my home for things like doggy day care or pet sitting or at your house for home visits or walking services.
This gives you a chance to ask questions and let your pets suss me out.

Didn't you used to offer doggy day care and overnight boarding?

Yes, I did used to offer these services but I needed to pause them indefinitely due to expecting my first child. We are looking for someone or multiple someones in Armstrong Creek who may be interested in hosting dogs in their homes. If you're interested or know someone who might be, please reach out - we'd love you hear from you

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